H07RN-F Rubber cable
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About Athilex
Cable specialist for the business market Assembly Free delivery Benelux from €250

Why choose Athilex

Broad experience

More than 20 years of experience in cables and finding solutions.

Delivery from stock

Large stock for various applications from our own warehouse.

Get help quickly

Specific technical questions or fast deliveries, Athilex is your partner.


Very fast switching, specials delivered quickly and low production.

Own transport

Fast delivery by own transport.

High Quality

To approve international standards and the associated quality.

Time deliveries

Deliveries on location for a specific time in consultation.


Own assembly for extension cables or other applications.

Outstanding service

Always available, very fast deliveries and solutions.

Cables in all shapes and sizes

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Fire alarm and Function retention

Different sizes of alarm cable available from stock.
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Installation wire

High-quality installation wires in different fire classes.
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Mounting material

Manufactured according to international standards.
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Very flexible and well stocked.
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Athilex is your wire and cable specialist for the international business market

Athilex is an international cable supplier for the specific business market.
Available stock ranges from single core mounting cord to large sections of medium voltage. Due to our continued growth & delivery reliability, we constantly see opportunities to grow in our product line and to expand into additional new markets.

About us


Very wide range of cables available from our own stock. We ensure that the range is always as complete as possible and applicable in many markets. We have stock of control current, alarm cables, mounting cables, fire alarm cable, rubber cable, grounding cable, medium voltage or Pur cables.

The most frequently asked questions to Athilex

  • What is the delivery time of your cables?

    This is indicated in the relevant product, usually within 24 hours.
    For special products or productions, we always communicate the delivery time before and after the order.

  • Can I also order privately?

    No, we do not deliver to private individuals, but we can forward you to a distributor of our products. When we receive your details, we will look for the nearest distributor who will be happy to assist you.

  • How is your quality and are your cables inspected?

    We deliver high quality against high international standards.
    All documents are available on request and if necessary we can start with a sample delivery with a first order.

  • I didn't find my cable, can you help?

    Certainly, we are available by phone to assist you and find the right cable.
    You can also send an email to our info mailbox [email protected]

  • Delivery time and transport?

    If the item is in immediate stock and ordered on time, we deliver the next day, possibly with time delivery. If you do not have a forklift available for unloading, we can deliver with a tailgate if you indicate this with the order.